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Eclipse aka I Rap Pass you


i think itz safe 2 say dat d pishur xplains d name. X_X *runs away* 
*peeps & tip toes inside* abg tell mi wen he is comin.
Nkasi Chukwu
Code name: Eclipse aka I rap pass yu aka the demi god….. 
He is a student of UNN, Dept of Mass Com…. He is a true def of Young, Talented & BLACK (no b mi tlk m o!). He is a rapper, a producer, a song writer, a graphic designer & a radio presenter on 91.1 Lion FM *na yu beko*
Wyt his 1st single “Thank God for hip hop”, he welkumd d world wyt his unique talent. Eclipse is is best knwn 4 his punchlines, xcptional free-stylin skills & his generosity wyt wordplay.
Twitter handle: @ItsEclipse
links 2 his latest songs:
Too much money rmx: Download
and My Pain (which drops 2de)


Just 2 weeks after the release of his debut
single ‘burst my head’.slay is back with his first single off his
forthcoming mixtape.A remake of chiddy bang’s opposite of
adults.’kidz’ is a nice blend of lyrical dexterity and mad creativity
that makes you remember your childhood days.a nice hook from Chekwas
of 8.8multimedia does justice to this track, Mixed n mastederd by
Chekwas, for booking contact Teex 08064498319.
Follow slay on twitter @misterslay01

Kidz – Download

Burst my head – Download

Allnite Entertainment
401 mission rd
For promotions and hypes contact us
Follow us on twitter @ALLNITE1

Paybac:GidiLights ft Random

“Money and fame calls, put ’em on conference/ Only one better than me,
that’s my conscience”

Those are lines from 20-year old Naija rapper, Paybac aka Omo Bwoy’s
new single, Gidi Lights on which he features rapper Random who drops a
solid Yoruba verse. The song is produced by 19-year old
rapper/producer, Barzini. All three belong to the rap affiliation (not
group), Saint Oz Gang.

Gidi Lights is a single from one of his forthcoming projects and a
sample of what is to be expected. Word on the streets is this emcee is
the next best lyricist in the country.

After losing two family members this year alone, Paybac is set to pay
back the world with good music by releasing this single.



hey hey.
itz mi again. m mnt 2 b gettin my hair done buh Middy has threatened my life & i hv roughly 30 mins 2 save it & yes Osazee i wee bite yu 4 nt helpin mi 😛

ok so yh Dee records or rada deir nu song…….
Dee records ws foundd 5 yrs ago wen d 4 members wer in high school (Doregos), if yu like go and famz cuz yu went 2 d school O_o.
ok so like dez dudes wer in d same class called Diamond (O_o like serzli?) hence deir name (i tot it meant sumtynelse buh dis gets mi laffin just fyn)

m guess yu want 2 no hu dey r,
well, we gt Abimbola Babalola, Akinola Fasheun, Benedict Obi & Olasupo Omibeku —–>Code names: Bibas, Shanx’init, BFamous & Omibex.
dey released deir 1st major single “No Frontin” produced by Feardeeve in april last yr and since den dey hv worked wyt Kiddominant & now Olamide.

“OH NO” which features Koko J was produced by Olamide Nasir wyt @Titodafire on d mix.

Olamide startd producin in August 2011 and dis is his 2nd major production.

Kokoj (Bolaji Olaiya) also went 2 Doregos wyt d members of Dee record althoo he ws deir snr. As yu wudda guessd 4rm his stage name he is a MoHits fanatic (no b mi tlk o!)

ok so yh d song “Oh No” is gonna be out on tuesde by 10pm (if dis song no mk, mi i will kill sumbody o #nuffsaid)

twitter handles: Bibas ->@Amurboybibas
                       BFamous ->@Bfamous_baiby
                       Omibex ->@omibex
                       Koko J ->@itskokoj

His Royal Hotness Young Stunna

4 doz of u dat hv seen dis. i ws 2 lazy 2 type last nyt (stop lookin at mi like dat joo. i wee prick yur eye o!)

dis shudda bin 1 of d 1st articles i shudda wriiten (wah? warris ur own na? he is my broda o!) buh i ws lazy bout it.
oo! all dez tatafo ppl allow mi ryt dis post in peace na. *boilin soup*

Real name: ermmm yu wee gaan ask him o! cuz if i tlk he wee kill mi X_X
Code name: Young Stunna or Stunna d god

 *clears throAT*
wah shud i tell yu bout him? *thinkin*
O! well he is a Malaysian based nigerian (obviously! he is nigerian. only yu wud b w8in 4 mi 2 tell yu *losgiddy voice*)

(4 doz of yu hu wantd d vidy in my 1st post. he did dat & datz his song 4 doz of yu hu hvnt *stones yu pure water* :P)

he runs a production outfit (no b cloth o!) known as Hot Noise Music

oya serzli i no no wetyn 2 tlk again. just follow him  & hot noise on twitter or check out his site
twitter handle: @iAmYoungStunna
site link:

ok b4 i go, here is a vidy 4 yu. 🙂

here r some of his songs. enjoy 🙂

Top priority

Sengemend ur life

take off

Shebi yu bin tease mi

one more drink

my business


hold it down

hustle don pay

so gone

shangalanga (express)

holla @ mi 4 a info yu myt need.


itz mi again & m bored AF (tari dnt ask mi if fuck is borin. :P)

*in my best tales by moonlyt lady voice* Children Children, itz story tym.

*pops 1 baba blue in my mouth* i wont giv u, stop lookin @ mi joor!

as i was about 2 say
d 1st tym ws like an eargasm.
i hd just listned 2 Closer to yu by Adey and (w8 let mi run 2 notjustok and confirm) Davido. so i sha tweetd dat d song made sense.sumhw sumhw he rtd.(den u no hw d  tyn goes *winks*)
sha sha he l8a sent mi a link 2 a song which i jejely opend & dl’d.
lo & behold he hd add’d a bassline 2 Closer 2 yu.
i went bck 2 listen 2 d orig song & it felt so incomplete. (no offence 2 d ori produca o!)

His name is Joshua Akerele
Code name JRS

He is a producer. (only u wont hv figured dat out. :P) grew up in church, sang in d choir (iono y he wont sing 4 mi 😦 ) & playd d drumz.
His lov 4 music ws 4tified tnx 2 his sis esp her transistor deck, 100.5’s midnyt shows & living wyt producer ID CABASA, hu mentored him.

He eventually found a niche in d industry afta he gradu8d 4rm Babcock Uni & so far he has workd wyt artists such as SaeonPhizzleAinmosniMatt Sesoo & Falz

You can check out his work on

twitter handle: @Jay_aR_eS


Me sef i bein dey wonder 4 d name until i sw dis picture

hehe 🙂

w8 o!
u hv come 2 read gist abi? wen u ddnt tell me dat u missed mi!!!!!
in factd i m vex’d!! *bbm cryin smiley*
if u dont tell me sorry i wont gist u!!!! 😛

*deep sigh* u r lucky sum1 just said dey missed mi. i wnt hv told u.
*clears throat* so wer was i?

His name is Oluwagbenilehin Fridel Makun *guy ur name long o!*
Code name G-Mak aka Goldenboy
born Nov. 27th

he had always bin interestd in rap, however, it ws during his tym in d Uk during his masters @ University of Hull, dat he ws able 2 develop his rap style (*mumbles* he ws mnt 2 b readin o! *looks @ u* y r u smilin? ehen? if he hd bin readin wud u be reading dis post? oya stop smilin)

he is d co-owner of Golden boy Records alongside G-stone & Slim Vinci.

Now he is back in 9ja and wyt his witty word play and ‘braggadocious’ (i dnt no wah dat word mins dnt ask me) delivary as his prominent trademarks, he is tryin 2 break in2 d music industry & make his mark.

Twitter handle: @GMAK_GOLDENBOY

Download and Listen 🙂



Shey U Hear



Here is the link 2 his mixtape….. TEARRUBBERMUSIC