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Tc Peruzzi a.k.a Omo Aye

Okay i think we have a new cool kid on the block…i don’t think he’s no kid anyways because he is way too old :p

Tobechukwu Okoh
Code Name: Tc Peruzzi a.k.a Omo Aye
It’s Funny when you combine Med School with music, and i think that’s the kind of doctor most of our ladies would be willing to meet because he’s gonna be supercool
Anyways our rapper this week is studying medicine at the medical school in udessa,Ukraine. He is a rapper and a writer,focusing on mostly rapping he is also good at gospel n r n b songs. He has done various songs like omo aye, our voices, tolo tolo, nack your body e.t.c. he is currently under H1 entertainment who is doing good with is management, and was currently nominated for the National Gospel Award in Nigeria. I think the hunk as i would like to call him has a way with the ladies too because i am not going to tell you if he is single, go at your risk.
Twitter Handle: @iamtcperuzzi
Omo Aye: Download
Dalu: Download
Tolo Tolo: Download

Alvena – Hyper [VIDEO]