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Xwit on d Beat

Happy new year you guyz btw 4 doz i hvnt yt spoken 2 dis year.

bin seating on d floor of my room (dont ask me y plz) trying 2 write up 2 lab reports buh i cant seem 2 find d exact sources i need 2 complet dem & am half way 2 being mega pissed…. so u cam on here 🙂

i have missed dis.
 okkie so bck 2 d point…

Well Enoch Kolo aka Xwit is d point.
4rm d word beat in d title, u shudda fig’d out dat he is a producer

( x_x am def getting killed 2day :'()

Xwit was born in Niger State, Nigeria. The 23-year-old producer fell in love with music at a very tender age and tried nearly all the instruments in his elementary school. Starting in Alfred Sutton primary school in the UK, he took music lessons from his teacher Mr. Fletcher who gave Enoch the basic knowledge he needed to fiddle with any musical instrument.
At 9years of age, Enoch could play the drums, piano, n guitars to a certain level of professionalism, thanks to his parents who discovered his talent at an early stage of his life, providing him with a drum set, keyboard, and a guitar. With no formal know how, Enoch started performing in his local church at the age of 13. Facing a lot of opposition because he was the youngest in the band, Enoch fought hard and overtook his seniors in the band.
Studying architecture helped him tune more with his musical side since creativity was involved both ways. Surrounding himself with music lovers every second of his life, he gradually began creating a name for himself. Undergoing works for various artistes, even though he is unsigned, many people have recognized that this kid “xwit” actually lives his name; extreme intelligence in the music industry.
He has been linked with artistes and labels both home and abroad and has plans of starting his own indie label soon (#TeamTrYbe). There is no doubt he is a force to reckon with when it comes to producers in Nigeria. 
Twitter: @xwit
Listen 2 His work on Reverbnation

Young Stunna – Anything Preview

ok so yh……
if u dnt no wah a preview is hang urslf.

nyhow sha…
itz Young Stunna

1 more tyn plz rememba 2 vote. tnx

Timi Kay

Seyi Seyi Seyi…..smh… rnt yu just d master of details -___-

 ok yh  i no itz usual for me 2 ryt 2 posts at a go buh i hv 2 so 😛
timi kay is an 18 yr old rapper signed to Port-Harcourt music Label ( the name thoo *gigglin*)
ermmm*scratchin my head* iono much else bout him (*mumbles* no tnx 2 seyi)
d song on here “the top” is off *highly anticipated mixtape “Hold your Applause”, which feats Onos’z as he depicts his trials while attempting 2 rise in d 9ja music industry ( yu totally relate ryt? only u will say no,,, nigga puhlease \)___)
Lyrical Prowess, insane delivery wyt an amazin ability to paint a picture using only an instrumental as a canvas, that is who Timi Kay is. (m just quoting sha… seyi thinks dis is Shakespeare). 
twitter handle: @timi_kay  & @Tune_House
contacts: +2348035702231 & +2348035894251
“The Top”
***i hv decided 2 add dis just cause i can (u hv already startd readin stop cryin bout it. notyn u can do) & cuz Ugo said he wont read my blog if he aint in it.
ermmm so i guess now Ugo yu can c dat yu r on here. ^_^

Young Nab

b4 i go on *sigh*
i hv 2 say m sorry Mo. i no u said nt 2 do dis nymore buh i already promised.

so back 2 Young Nab….

Adigwu-Bardi Nnamdi…
Code name: Young Nab
1st of May (famzer dis is yur backdoor)…..his birthday dat is.

he is a rapper/producer currently, signed to iMode Records….

He is originally 4rm d South but grew up in Illorin. his interest in hip hop developd in d late 90’s ( does dis just mk yu feel old -__-) by listening 2  DMX, 2Pac, B.I.G. & Diddy.
in 2004 he started rappin & formed a trio rap group “Dream Soliders” ( -__-…….. *rollin* cudnt evn typ dat wyt a strait face… d name thoo)… howeva d group broke up l8a dat yr. Afta which he set out as a solo artiste.
apparently, dis work beta cuz he has a few singles under his belt…. Get up, what u got, Never Stop, High, One Chance , Obsessed…….. of  which d last 2 wer released in 2011.
 2 much tlk yh? (i no!)

Twitter handle: @youngnab_iMode

ok now d fun part. his mixtape is out so just download it & plz do leav a comment 🙂

Jay B

*clears throat*  i think i missd y’all.

buh datz nt d p now…..
jay b jay b…

Jibke Bankole Alexander, aka JayB…….
wah m i mnt 2 say sef. :s…….

o yes. he is singa turned rapper. switched in 2009.
he is a student of Federal Uni of Agriculture Abeokuta ( i ddnt evn no der ws such -___-

his first song *side eye* ws “drop it low” (a rmx of d C.B & Esther Dean song…..) den  “somtyn 2 say rmx wyt Flowsickk……However, his 1st single was “She say” which recivd a lot of attention. (*mumbles* i dnt no it sha , so stop lookin @ mi like dat.)
nyhowz 4rm his songs i hv heard i cn say 1 tyn 4 sure…. he is very versatile.  itz quite aming thooo

twitter handle: @jaybezy
abeg abeg abeg d tlk haff do. just DL his new song.

Plz liv a comment tnx

Shady B :)

ARTIST PROFILE: He started rapping and singing in the church when he was six. Now some might say that Gospel artiste are never favoured in making it big in the Nigeria Music industry but to this fact there has been a lot of disapprovals because artiste like FRANK EDWARD, SAMSONG, BUCHI SINACHI and a lot of great gospel singers have really touched the heart of music lovers through their Gospel songs that gives God glory. The artiste SHADY B, Real names Shaddai Bunting, born on the 7 of December, hails from Bayelsa State ,he is the newest face in south-south gospel rap. He Began his music career professionally in 2007. SHADY B Dropped his debut album titled Larger than life in 2010 with hit single You too much and Amen. A lyricist on fire for the lord with a mission to spread the truth through rap music, giving glory 2 God and lifting d souls of men.. he has featured known names like Double K, Lenny B and well as other underground emcees of the south. His 1st single “NOBODY ‘ROUND ME”off his untitled mixtape is certainly a head turner. The sky holds more than just rains for this Lyricist.


Twitter: @ShadyB_Amen 

Facebook: Shady Blayz


Rilwan aka Butter Boy

hmmm bin a min, hsnt it?
w8! y r yu lookin @ mi like dat?
o well! i myt as well admit it. i missed yu…..

enuff wyt d mushy stuff!

hmmmm Rilwan………..

d 1st tym i heard 1 of his songz i ws drunk as hell i woke up d nxt morn wyt d song on my lips and a bloody hang over (hehe)
i just kpt goin “we mst 2 pop champagne everynyt” O_o smh @ myslf

*dreamy eyes*

ok so yh…….. his name is Rilwan Owoyemi aka Butter boy
born on July 24th ****…..
(if yu hvnt figurd out dat he is a musician… nigga, yu mst b d slowest person on earth :P)

He is a born & breed Gidi boy altho he is 4rm Niger State. He is a grad of Babcock Uni (my dear yu tried o)

in 2008, he rode d fast train 2 prominence on a “omo were” by Dub-B. in 2009 he got signed 2 Play records.(all these numbers thoo) in March 2010 he released his debut single “Every night” prod by Sazzy, which debuted as number on d playlist show on Rhythm Fm Abj.

Fine boy toh fresh….

Twitter handle: @therilwan
Check out his songs on

1 last tyn. Jay B i hope yu now knw hu sang everynyt?