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Okpere Emmanuel Eromosele

Code name: Eromz K-Sweed Born on d 18-12-****, in Benin city, Edo state.
He is currently a student of KNUST (if u dnt no.. keep sleepin on top ur bicycle)…buh resides in Abj.
Managd by Juliet Ibrahim ( Nollywood/ Ghollywood actress) *GHOLLYWOOD…. lolz i hv nt heard dis 1 b4* & Homebred Ent. He was also featured in her kidney cancer foundation theme song alonside other African artistes.

His mixtape “Open Sesame” was releasd on 11-03-11 & since den he has released a party track “Aritimetik” & his mst recent single “Yahh” which dropped on 15-12-11.

Aritimetik: Download

Yahh!: Download

Twitter: @K_Sweed


ok so yem awards…. y’all should no bout dis by already
so basically dis is all u gotta do 2 win *bbm party smiley in @BounAkindele ‘s voice*
 *disclaimer: any #gbaguan found in d text below ws nt made by urs truly*

The much awaited event which is the YEM AWARDS has finally declared the date for the submission of songs. After a long debate amongst the organisers (Payback inc. Media) of the event, they finally resorted to choosing a date which is the 13th of december 2011 – 31st of january 2012. so, for every music artiste, music producers, record labels, artist managers and the general public, what are you all waiting for? all you need to do is to comply with the following conditions below

 • The music material must be released in the year under review (Dec. 2010 – Jan 2012) .
 • The song or album must be submitted to the organizers. This is very important as non-submission of materials will render the participant ineligible for nomination.
• Artistes must not submit music materials created by other individuals, to do so they must own the copyright to such materials.
 • All music materials must fall into one of the enlisted music categories for the award.
 • Music materials that endorse /encourage fraud, alcohol abuse, narcotics and wanton sex are not eligible for submission, except said material(s) have radio edited versions.
 • All submitted eligible materials are considered for nomination, regardless of who submitted them.
 •Non-Nigerian creators (including artistes, producers and music video directors) are not eligible for nomination.
submission of songs must include; 
* Artwork / Studio Picture
* Biography / Profile.
* At most two songs.
*Download link of songs.
 All the conditions and requirement listed above must be complied with strictly. failure to do so will render participant inelligible for participation.
send your detailed information to:
 The award has been scheduled for April/May 2012
For More Details
twitter: @yem_awards
Facebook: YEM-Awards

Sholex -Kolo

ok basically, itz KaySwitz on here buh as u can imagine by now m just 2 lazy 2 sign in 2 my own blogger account *side eye* stop lookin @ mi like dat, infact kill urslf :p

Youth no doubt these days are the heads ruling the Music Industry as you and I know.(some grand daddys r still rock thoo) They are the ones with the energy and agility to produce true sound and melody we like to listen to.

This young teenager, code name :Sholex, originally named Ilori Oluwoshola has a single out which is mind blazing, legs and head moving. This song titled “Kolo” is one of the numerous hits produced by ABG.(soyemm *@TushAgbero* who is dat abeg?). What baffles us most is how this song managed to contend with well known musicians, the likes of Wizkid. (itz soyemm dat said o!). He is naturally endowed with singing with vocal instruments, and his style of singing is so unique and appealing to the ear. He songs so unique and appealing to the ear he is great and worth publicizing. Nigeria best musicians now have another young rival. *chews popcorn*

He really deserves a sponsor, natural talents like this should not be waste but encourage.
Download link: Download
Contact No +23407061938168
Facebook: Kisshrt

Y.E.M Awards!!!!!!

Come you ppl, if u like dont gimme my own award (me i cn entertain 2) me i will come & bite u ppl 1 by 1 -__-

The Young Entertainers & Music Award (Y.E.M Awards) is an award focused on recognizing the hard work of upcoming artistes, youth promoters and many to a thriving entertainment industry. // It has been observed that we have talented youths (all of u dat gaan waste money u cudda given mi, wailin in a studio r not included pls!) in the country trying to do one thing or the other (Entertainments) to make a living, in the course of this; it’s not easy for them to conquer due to high level of competition from the top artistes. Going through different reality shows and music contest, they still lack continuity maybe because they feel they are not appreciated in the country.

 The “Young Entertainers & Music Awards” is set to focus on the youth basically that has really been impressive in the entertainment industry, so as to showcase them and also encourage them to offer the best they can in their respective field. Award as it is will give more confidence & courage to do more than you have been doing and even those that are yet to do something good will be able to seat back and do something to impress since their hard work won’t go unnoticed.
This is an award with an all glitz, glamour and class in attendant to any world-class event is guaranteed under a decent atmosphere at the Y.E.M Awards.
 The producers of the event are dedicated to promoting & encouraging the image and rich culture of Nigeria in the continent and around the globe. 
The award has been scheduled for April/May 2012 and submition of songs by Artistes, Record Labels, Managers of Artistes starts 13th December, 2011 (13/12/11).(guy wah r u still waitin 4?)
For More Details 
twitter: @YEM_Awards 
Facebook: Y.E.M Awards