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Blow by Rilwan

The very yummy Butter Boy Rilwan is back with his new jam Blow
Blow is a tribute to Naija Djs which i think is pretty cool
(u would think that my name would b in d song thoo!)



So i realised that of late i have been to busy for the thing i care about…
So yh am back on here cuz i have missed y’all loads.

THAD *singing in my ever so horrible voice*

For those who do read my blog on d regs u’ll remember Timi Kay  (u noticed the KAY thingy yh? ///
as for the freshies u can read his bio below).
Well He is back with a TUNE *yes its in caps*

Another single from the 18 year old Rap/Hip Hop sensation, Ndutimi Kei
better known as TIMI KAY. The song’s titled TUNE HOUSE ALL DAY #THAD
alongside fellow rapper under the same Tune House Umbrella, Kevin KAY-X Xavier
(Who also takes production credit for the song) and it’s from The “Hold Your Applause” Mixtape.
Both emcees represent the South, Port Harcourt [Nigeria]
to the fullest. Prepare for a poetic orgy of unconventional flows & wordplay all on an instrumental that reeks
of pure inspiration. This is definitely one for music lovers to nod & relate to.

Twitter: @MrKayX


Mr Odidison shall kill me wen he realises i hv not been reading this whole time x_x

well in my defence… it felt like a good time to ryt a new post. ^.^

Introducing “Champ” who is a rapper, song writer to the ever growing nigerian music industry.  Amodu Shola Abiodun codename Champ, is coming out with “Get Up”, produced by Femzy and mixed by Cash11 is off his soon-to-be released mix tape.

Champ who was born and brought up in Lagos has worked with cash11 and Snow of Alapomeji Records.
He is currently not signed to any management.

Here is the link to the song.

For more information, contact Michael Abimboye on 08136996757 or