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Britella – Balanga Loko

The  Nigerian  born Otto Bridgen  popularly known as Britella No. 1 is a breath of fresh air to the dancehall scene in Malaysia and Nigeria.His love for music can not be over emphasized , as his modulus operandi speaks for himself.The young multi talented britella no. 1 is the c.e.o  of ikomusic.The  Nigerian- born heavy weight artist  is a song writer, composer.Britella’s dream is to become accomplished/successful dancehall artist ,who wants to make an Impact in the life of the youths and the world at large.This multi  instrumentalist plays the drums,, sax,  and violin.

Britella has worked with different heavy weight artists such as Duncan Might, KellyHansome, Side ONE, Dem Mama Soldiers, Robinson  Of Rhythm 93.79 (PHC),  and presently working out modalities with Nigerian 2FACE.

According to Mr .Segun Onuwobi I quote’’Any song Britella jumps on is considered  a  hit and so many upcoming who know britella can testify to this.IKomusic is made up of 2 artiste Britella and kebsu..Expect a video from Britella very soon and 2 more collabo’swith Young D and Klever Jay

Balanga Loko: Download

Reil C: Low (Weyre Freestyle)

REIL C a.k.a Chijin da raplord whose real name is Chijioke Ajuluchukwu is an upcoming rapper and singer and has just dropped a new club banger for the party life, Low (Weyre Freestyle). The talented rapper who is in his much early 20’s is studying economics in BabcockUniversity and is in his final year. He is also in the studio works of his first official mixtape named “Chronicles of the Dark” which drops in the summer of the year. Off the mixtape is the already released “harm freestyle”. The rapper has some songs out like, mo ti lenu gan, the way I feel featuring the owo ati swagger hit man, cartiair. He is also a member of Twilight Music Group (TMG) owned by Hypertek producer Jay Sleek. He does not only intend on proving his rap skills but also taking the music industry to the next level and lifting souls with his good music.

Low: Download

GOLDEN PEN: Women… *Sigh* Making Her Fall For You

Bobos what’s up naw? I know after reading this post some girls will probably tag me a womanizer, but I ain’t one. So shhhh! On that bosh building in your thought about Ifedayo.

Guys, trust me when I say I know a lot about the female gender, all owed to the fact that I have had the calm girlfriend; the nagging one; the lousy one; the bitchy one; the proud one; the naïve one; the strong willed one and all other kinds (I don too try bah!) *No disrespect to my ex(s) and friends with benefits.* Despite diverse attitudes, guess how I captured their hearts? It was achieved with the use of these armamentariums which I will share with you guys. Pick up your pen, be on the qui vive because ‘Professor Ifedayo’ is about to give you his secret recipe to girls hearts. *wink*

  • Don’t come out strong early:- My guy haba, you can’t meet her today and tell her you are in love, nahhh the whole love at first sight thing creeps ladies out, they will think you are just there for some b***y. Start with friendship and let the relationship develops at its own pace. Ladies want to be sure you will be there for a long time, they want unvarying assurance that you are not just there for the ‘sex’.

  • Show your bravery:- Ladies like guys with confidence. Don’t get me wrong, ego is different from confidence, ego will only reduce your chances. Take this phrase ‘don’t boss her around rather; let her see you as the boss.’ If you see a lady and you want to talk to her, (Note that first impression matters most) find the posh kid in you, walk up to her and start a simple conversation. She might act all I don’t care, na lie joor, she is smiling deep inside. *wink*

  • Don’t treat her like an item:- Padi stop doing that, nobody wants to be treated like he or she is your property. Gotta give her that dem respect your Momma would be proud of!

  • Prove to her that you really like her: – Dude little things counts, look into her eyes in a sexy way like slight staring (you can act as if you are doing it unconsciously); talk to her; most importantly, listen to her; memorize the color of her eyes; note her best colors, probably for her ‘prized items’; and make her look away first. *Be careful so as not to do it in a creepy way.* Ask about her day (no matter how boring it was, give d babe your ear), it is a way to show that you are interested in what she does. Baba you have to endure na you know wetin you dey find (nada comes easy!!!).

  • Be good friend with her friends: – I know this can be hard and frustrating sometimes but dude you have to do it. My ex has annoying friends but you know what I did? I picked one of her friends, won her over and BAM!!! That’s how I survived that far in the relationship. Dude try and win as much as possible over to your camp, tolerate them because whether you like it or not they will inevitably influence her decision, when the transfer window is opened.

  • Make her feel like the only girl in the world :- Even Rihanna wants to be treated as the only girl in the world. Ladies like to be complimented (even the ugly ones). Just say something nice like ‘you look radiant today’ when you see her exclaim woooooow!!! and shut up, she will definitely blush (unless you are dating a cyborg) and BAM!!! You just scored 20 points lol. When you see a pretty girl pass say to her ‘do you know that girl is pretty but not half as pretty as you’ (even if na just saka)

  • Make sure she feels safe with you: – I remember the movie ‘Deliver us from Eva’. The dude won her over by saving her from the sarcasm of her ex. Most ladies want someone who they can just dump the whole gabbage upon, when it all seems that the chips are down or rather a twirl to the wrong end of life. Be that person for her, don’t mock her and think you are being funny. Take her as a priority. If she succeeds like getting a high mark in class show her that you are happy for her, feel the pain too when she gets a low mark. Let her know she can run to you anytime and you will be there *humming 2face song BE THERE*

  • Make her laugh: – You boning face of a boy, unless you stop that shit, you are on a long thing *in dbanj’s voice*. Girls love to laugh, they laugh at anything even if it is not funny, so crack the humpy, dumpy, breaky, holy shit!

  • Let her wear your jacket when it is cold :- it will be good if you take it off and put it on her but dude make sure it is clean and smells decent. If she have to spit or puke after wearing your shirt Baba you just scored a minus (na F be dat oh!) #sadstory. *wink*

  • Pay less attention to your phone, television and other attention sucking things :- don’t press your bb while she is talking to you, she wants ultimate and absolute attention

  • Love her for her quirks: – Don’t mock her or condemn her for her negatives. Accept her for who she is.

  • Tell her when you are hurt: – Baba don’t be a mugu o, if she dey f**k up, tell her instantly. It keeps you in control and besides grudges ain’t good for a new building relationship.

  • Tell her how much you love her :- I won’t ask you to be friends for a specific number of weeks, months or years (:o). Some guys are lucky, they get past the friendship stage in days, some weeks, and some years. All I can say is Padi you will know when the time is right. But my friend be careful not to fall into the FRIENDSHIP LAGOON. It will be hard for you to get out of that stage. When you feel the time is right tell her how you feel emphasizing the fact that you are not lusting after her, let her understand that what you feel is real. I don’t think you should have wahala with her because you have already secured her heart so the rest is just to get her signature (job completed). After the YES let her know how much you love her… they love to hear it.

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Oluwasegun – Mifemo [VIDEO]

Oluwasegun, an artist with great prospect. His genre and style spans from Afro Hip Hop to Rap. 

New single titled “Mife Mo” [I don’t want to Know]gained alot of airplay and now you can enjoy the video. 

Video was directed by Patrick Elis. 

Twitter: @im_oluwasegun

HITPLAY THROWBACK: IllBliss – U go wound o

Let’s bring back dat Ibo boi up in ere!

One o’ me best Illbliss twack anytime maen! Lur d beat! Not a big fan of Illbliss‘ rhymes tho (hardly does rhyme). But u jus gotta love the intensity of his verses yea!

Gonn be sharing couple of remixes of zis song l8r. One of which has a video that was quite viral and applauded by Nas himself…


DOWNLOAD Illbliss-U go Wound


HIT PLAY ARTICLES: Gemogi Speaks 3!!!


This week has been one filled with a lot of over and under whelming activities. Well I was so shaken that I almost decided not to write this but Kay will have none of that (what do you do when you have such a boss?).So in a bid to fulfil my duties I started searching for topics ,I asked some friends and even people I don’t know for topic suggestions and the responses I got were way more interesting and too explicit than I ever had in mind. So I finally decided to contact the other team members (other members please allow me get away with this lie even though it was only Kay I talked to) and asked for their help and they pointed me to something they’ll like to talk about.
So what did they say? I know you must be wondering, just chill, we are getting to it. Well after recording a song the next thing that ought to be done is carving out an image and publicity for their record. And this is where most artistes fail as it seems like they don’t seem to understand the difference between having a musical influence and being a photocopy of another musician. With the influx of artistes into the entertainment scene I guess people think the best way to make an impact is to closely imitate the style and character of an already successful and commercial artistes with the expectation that the artiste’s fan base will love the caricature (the photocopy of the artiste).But does anyone settle for less when they can have the very best? Or Originality no really matter at all again?
So what am I saying in essence you must be asking? Young artistes coming out now have what I call some basic complexes which I will discuss below. The first is the  WIZKID COMPLEX; Yes I said it, they start by adding Kid to whatever silly name they can come up with (I don’t mean this as a disrespect to the artiste), why don’t you get your original name?  We already have Wizkid and Saucekid; we don’t need any more kids. The second group of upcoming artistes have the GOLDIE COMPLEX this is the use of outrageous costumes, makeup and poorly or badly photo shopped images which is a far cry from your normal self to promote your songs. The third group have the GHOST COMPLEX, these artistes send you good songs without no information whatsoever about them to help in the promotion. It’s not their fault I guess some of them heard I’m now a soothsayer and can produce artwork and information for an unknown artiste. Well one day I’ll publish all those songs and write that Amadioha just released some songs. The next set of artiste is THE I MUST FOLLOW COMPLEX these set of artistes do not have any direction and only do things which are in vogue  whether it suits them or not, sadly this doesn’t suit them and hence we have mass produced jingles which are called songs.
So steps to take after new songs are released:
Go to a good studio and take cool pictures (all those with multi coloured hair dos na colour blocking una wan do 4 head?)
Design a cool artwork for the single or album
Write good information about yourself (not “I was just joking around in the studio, or your family history”) give what you will be confident and comfortable enough for people to know about you.
Be yourself in your song don’t be scared of expressing your personality.
Make sure you don’t have any of the complexes.
I don’t know how many times I have to emphasise the fact that being yourself is all you need to succeed. Now let’s take a look at popular artistes in today’s industry they are all exceptional at something whether it is vocal styling, genre of music and image. Find the one that suits you and don’t fall into any of the complexes I just mentioned and if you are already caught in it try to break free as your image is going to take you far.

Well I’m a tweet or e-mail away so if you want more information you can reach me on @Gemogi or

Gray Jon’z – Money Ft Base One

Gray Jon’z is a producer and he has worked on a couple of projects for underground artistes and also ‘The GIGO EP’ by Eva. He released his official debut music video titled ‘Mi O Ran Yan’ January 2012 featuring his co-signee ‘Hayo Niel’ with cameo appearances by M.I., Djinee, Ice Prince, Dipp, Eva, Pope and Morachi.

Gray is currently working on a mixtape called ‘The Gray Theory EP’ set to be released soon. Check out this joint which is off the mixtape. Titled MOney, this features BaseOne.

Money: Download