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Omo Akin – Borrow Borrow Make Me Shine [VIDEO]

Here is the video for Omo Akin’s Borrow Borrow Make Me Shine….

Abizzy – Bad Girl Ft. Kelly Hansome


Here is “Bad Girl”, by US-based Sierra-Leonian, Abizzy and he teams up with Nigeria’s Kelly Hansome

Bad Girl Ft Kelly Hansome: Download

Buckwylla, Dharsaw, Baseone, Syko, Drew, Labzy, Boogey – Lion Heart


Off the Blood Drive Mixtape set for release next month. Lion Heart by Buckwylla, Syko, Baseone, Drew, Labzy, Boogey and Dharsaw..

Lion Heart: Download

Timi Kay – Hold Your Applause Mixtape

Timi Kay is no stranger to HPO but for those who don’t know, Timi Kay (born Ndutimi Kei) rapper, repping the South (Port Harcourt). He is signed to the PHCity Label Tunehouse.

Lyrical prowess, insane delivery with an amazing ability to paint a picture using only an instrumental as a canvas, that is who TIMI KAY is.

Finally, the Hold Your Applause Mixtape is here, so prepare for a poetic orgy of unconventional flows & wordplay all on instrumentals that reeks of pure inspiration.

So just Hit Play because you don’t want to be told…

Feel (Intro): Download

Focused ft. ViVi: Download

Rabbit Hole: Download

Blue Sky with Xplain D-Don: Download

Kiss Click Bang: Download

Cab coversation between Shenino and another passenger: Download

Going Down ft. Kay-X: Download

Echo ft. JB McKudi: Download

Lone Simba: Download

Keke Napep Music ft. Yetty: Download

The Top ft. Onos’Z: Download

Divine Inspiration ft. The Magic and Golden: Download

Pray: Download

Euphoria ft. Yetty: Download

The Hood: Download

Day One with Mo’Grey: Download

Heart of The City ft. Yetty, Big L and Tipsy: Download

Blood Spot with Kizi Kid: Download

Shenino chilling in TuneHouse Studio: Download

Kick Ass Flows ft. Big L, Blood Diamond, Young Stunna, Mo’Grey, Tipsy, KiziKid and Kay-X: Download

Heaven ft. I.H.I: Download

Hold Your Applause: Download

Download Full Mixtape Here

SON OF SYLVERINE: The Series Episode 3 by @Suzerainvii

Thoughtfully I ponder of what importance time and space would be if records can’t be kept, the knowledge of ages far past would have died and shrivelled in oblivion. Mortal Man and his likes are endowed with an ability that makes him superior to every other creature, the power of recall and this ability is fortunately the only advantage his Creator gave Man above Time and Space. Experience, History, Memory and whatever we call it are just aliases we give to this ability and because it existed, I was afforded the opportunity to learn of a legend that occurred over ten thousand years ago. My Father, King Bdollium of Zeclub was an astute scholar of legends and was one of the very few people living at his time to have read the Legend of Astore.

Over ten thousand years ago, there was a time in Rheudinia when the gods lived among us. Although they were given authority to lord over some parts of this World, they dealt peacefully with mortal man, increasing his knowlegde of the Universe and everything around him but as the centuries laved, man grew to believe his knowledge was superior to the god’s and began to defile them, passing strictures on them at every mishap and disaster. Quickly, atrocities piled upon atrocities and Mighty Aisuz could no longer bear to see them being tormented by the evil vile of mortal man. So Aisuz commanded that the gods should leave the surface of Rheudinia and return permanently to Sium, everyone of them and since it was an order from the Elder God himself, all the gods of Rheudinia had no option but to comply to his bidding or face his Consuming wrath but in spite of man’s persecution, some gods were reluctant to return to Sium and the most respected of them is Sylverine, the Great one.

To say the Great one wasn’t willing to comply with Mighty Aisuz’s directive isn’t completely true, though he was disobedient but he felt he had to set the land of Bathesdi, his domain in order before leaving it to the hands of his beautiful lover. It was great news in all Rheudinia when the dream god fell in love with one of the most beautiful women that ever walked the surface of our planet and perhaps one of the bravest too. The Great one fell in love with Zetura, daughter of Haimen, Isuz of the sun and Zodiac Eesuz of beautification and was just starting to enjoy the romance between them when the Creator gave his mighty decree. So one day he took Zetura on a trip, his last date with her to show her his domain of authority, stretching from his threshold far north of Zeclub to the east towards the Lands of Astore. They flew through the sky, both enjoying every moment of their last time together on the surface of Rheudinia until they soared towards the land of Astore.

Just some distance away from the Heart of Armat Isle, the dream god and Zetura noticed hundreds of Ships each parading a green flag with four golden stars imprinted on it.

“Mark of Nephria”, Princess Mozzarella interrupted.

“Yes, fleet of Nephrians making sail towards Astore and in those days, the Nephrians were very rebellious, not in any way like the peace loving people we know them to be now. Legends records that Nephria and Anan of Vestronoria were brothers and sons of a wizard whose name is lost through time and space, earlier records of the brothers and their father had not been found, it’s like they appeared in the books of history when they discovered and settled down in Bathesdi on an Island we now call the land of Nephria. Tales have it that Anan was a diligent and honest man who was blessed with good fortunes, so he grew wealthier and more prosperous than his brother who happen to be referred to has lazy and a bully that raided other lands and neighbouring Kingdoms. It didn’t take long before reports of Nephria’s perversity became unbearable for Anan and he had to confront his brother with a difficult option to either expiate or renounce his right to be called Anan the rich merchant’s brother.

“Father, we all know Nephria refused and the brothers parted ways peacefully”, the Zeclubian Suzia interrupted again, “That story just happen to be very popular”.

“They say the two brothers had not beheld each other again, not even in the land of the ghosts”, Sud added quickly, the Suz gave them a nod of acknowledgement and reclined into the comfort of his well cushioned seat of power.

“Since you both are well learned, I would like you to tell me the significance of the Anani symbol, the Red star and a trident beneath it”, the King asked and in a moment, serenity ruled at court, the Princess and Sud fell into speechless gazes, staring at each other utterly blank in thought.

“I won’t expect you to know anyway, I guess whosoever told you the Nephrian tale didn’t know either”, the Suz came to their rescue, saving them from a silence that was getting rather boring.

“When Anan confronted his brother with his choices, Nephria being the bully threw a tantrum, picked up a trident lying beside him and threw it at his brother”. 

“What? He attacked his brother?” Sud didn’t know when the words jumped out of his mouth, his eyes widened but it was already out before he could regain his composure before the King. 

“Yes, he did but Anan was quite lucky,” the Suz replied ignoring his waywardness. “The weapon missed him and ran into the mud wall behind tearing off the tip of his left ear. Stained with the fluid of life streaming down his ear, Anan made a vow never to come into visual distance of his brother and since that day, an Anani and Nephrian had never had things in common even to this very day except on one extremely important occasion when the whole of Rheudinia came together to battle but that’s a tale for another season, perhaps tomorrow but definitely not today.

D’Hanks – Wish Me Well Ft Onosz


D’Hanks is a rap artist from warri city and he’s known for his unique punchlines and word play. He’s set to drop a mixtape soon and here is the first single titled ‘Wish Me Well’.

D’Hanks – Wish Me Well (ft Onos)

CartiAir – Malo Downgrade 2.0 Ft. Vector & Lumi

Brand new single from the Owo Ati Swagger crooner Cartiair, it features Lumi and Vector and it is titled Malo Downgrade 2.0

Malo Downgrade 2.0 ft Vector & Lumi: Download