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Sinzu ft Burna Boy – Headless Chicken

You Are Just Like an Headless Chicken, Without Direction…

Sinzu is surely gonna be out with loads of singles before this year runs out…

Listen to his New Joint with Burna Boy…

Headless Chicken Ft Burna Boy: Download


Davido ft Akon – Dami Duro [Remix]

This is a BIG One!!! Akon Killed This!!!

I dont have to say much, BUT you have to listen for yourself…

Thumbs Up to The HKN Gang!!!

Listen… Share… Comment… Download… Play In Clubs…

Dami Duro Remix ft Akon: Download

D’PRINCE – Take Banana Remix [VIDEO]

Music video by D’Prince performing Take Banana. Directed by Derek Pike

Sarkodie – Devio Ft. Kemenya [VIDEO]

Sarkodie teams up with the talented producer Kemenya with Devio (Kids) off the RAP UNI official Mixtape.
Directed by Director OJ of @BIGOJFILMS

T9ice – Loyal & Honest | Do Do Do

T9ice [real name – Anieteie Dennis Akpan] was born on the 3rd day of November. He hails from Adie Nsite L.G.A, Akwa-Ibom Nigeria, and is one to be classified as a born singer and a dynamic song-writer; his vocal skills are to be classified as world class combined, with his craftsmanship.

T9ice serves us 2 singles as his official debut effort on the Nigerian music scene prior to his recent work with fellow label-mate [Mr. ChopChop] on a track titled “Kilonshele” which dropped a while back. Under the supreme management of TommixMusic Record Label and the excellent production work coming from Unique Sound, who’s in charge of the mixing and mastering of these songs, T9ice delivers to us “Loyal & Honest” and “Do Do Do”; these are 2 songs with an edge, more or less a break from the norm.

T9ice, on “Loyal & Honest” renders a perfect introduction of himself on to the Nigerian music industry; making the promise of delivering nothing short of good music. His vocal prowess is evident on this very track as he effortlessly delivers on the 265 seconds long track on an instrumental that’s properly laced and arranged by Unique Sound [an official producer for the TommixMusic Record Label].

On his second track which he aptly titles “Do Do Do”, T9ice decides to deliver something for the commercial sector of the Nigerian music scene; this is one track which heads straight to the clubs with scintillating drum patterns as arranged again by Unique Sound. It is of note that the TommixMusic Record Label is based in Madrid, Spain and this particular track is already rocking the Spanish waves as DJs have rendered various versions for this track.

With these 2 tracks, T9ice is ready to stay on the Nigerian music scene as he sure proves to be a good artiste; a singer and exceptional song-writer in this case. Listen up and share your thoughts on this new act by the name T9ice.

Loyal & Honest: Download

Do Do Do: Download

Gentleman Or Goof?

Forever can’t come much sooner …..You just left without saying goodbye…starring at the window pane…All that flashes through my mind was the memory of us……When I first met you at the park..Sitting with your friends watching the game in your checkered shirt and Jeans with your flat plim soles…, as the Sun reflected on your skin…..My first glance was epic!!!! My eyes first caught your neatly polished nails…The music in my headphones stop blasting its like time stopped for a bit…you crossed your legs and your blue shoes shined even brighter…My senses tingled and my emotions mingled…..I walked straight up to my friend and said WOW!!..He asked what…I said SEE…Pointing at the bench where u were sitting…He Gasped and said WHOA!! She’s fine he said…I said I know right…..he said look at her smooth thighs…HUH!! But U wore jeans…..OH he was talking about your friend Jessica..NO I spanked him…..The Other one fool…The pretty girl in jeans with blue shoes…OH he said…..she’s fine sha…. Obviously Frank wasn’t interested in YOU…Which was a plus for me..Because he was a better male specimen than me…with better looks and all….

Lets go say hi…Frank Said…. No I verbally said..Yes my mind said like a million times…. Before I took my first step…I started thinking…? What If She has A boyfriend? What If I give her the lamest hug? What If I smile wrong? What if she snobs me? The what ifs where still running through my mind…..I raised my head Frank was standing 2 meters away from me with you and your friend…As he Introduced Me to u…I gave the lamest handshake ever? Hi I said…Hi she said…My Name is Melissa…Nice name…I said…As I shook your friend Jessica…Frank asked us to walk……As we walked…I dint say anything for 5 minutes..And you said in your cute little tiny voice…So what’s your name? Jesse I said…But you can call me Mutombo…You laughed…It sounded like music to my ears……We Kept talking…I made you laugh…told you my crazy adventures…it was as if we have known each other for years…..I Had lost track of time as we kept talking…

Your Phone Rang……A Car Parked In Front Of us…..Jessica waved and said Mum Just Called……again…You hurriedly Held My Hand And Gave Me A Peck…As u ran towards the car…. Doors Locked.. I kept smiling as you waved and said goodbye…I turned and frank looked at me and said so when next are you going to see her? OH SHIT……I dint collect your number……. I asked frank if he at least collected Jessica’s number…He said…Jessica’s Phone was seized……

I sunk into my chair…I was disappointed…got home typed…logged Into  Facebook…typed Melissa…and a million names popped out…it was hopeless…..

As I Stood Every Saturday At The Same Spot…Staring at the basketball court..hoping you will walk by one day…Days passed but nothing…hoping I get another chance with you…And this time tell you how I feel…I would give anything to have those hours all over again…

As I turned back and headed home…I murmured..*Do you still think about me Melissa?*

*Shuts Door*


Dee’Jay Faze Vs Dee’Jay Hacker Jp – BLISS

Its Official..

Top Of The Game DJs, December is at the corner, its time DJ’s hooking up for Coalition Mixtape, But One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain… hmmmm.. Always On Point when it come to Coalition Mixtape from Coast2Coast DJ. Dee’Jay Hacker Jp. Hook up with Nigerian Finest DJ, DJ Faze. (BLISS). Without music, life would be a mistake. Listen Up and Feel it, Because Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.  

Bliss: Download